Leather & Fabrics Flexible Sealer 100ml/3.2oz

SIFX Flexible Sealer Leather & Fabrics Protects textile fibers and leathers against the penetration from dirt, next to this it has a nurturing effect on original leathers.

Suitable for:


Technical Specifications

  • Reachable area 250ml: (8 pair of shoes)

  • Thickness: 1 micron

  • Super Hydrophobic

  • Flexible

  • Durability : 1


This Fabric Protector is a high-tech Nano layer, it forms a water and oil repellent flexible and durable barrier on fabric/leather interior seats.

  • The Nano layer keeps the surface protected as it pushes away dirt and water The dirt has less change to penetrate into the fabric yarn or into the original leather surface.
  • Spilling is more easy to remove and more easy to clean The Nano layer is flexible, breathable and forms an invisible retention on your cars interior.


Before applying Leather & Fabrics Sealant make sure that the surface is as clean as possible, most importantly make sure that there is no residue of any cleaners on/in the fabric, those will prevent the necessary bonding.

How to use

1. Spray the Sealant onto the fabric or leather, spreading it evenly until the surface is completely saturated. (Be sure of efficient exhaust.)

2. Let the sealant dry for at least 24h before the first water contact. The sealant dries and cures at room temperature.


Storage and handling

Store in dark and dry conditions at room temperature.

Use gloves and mask.

Ask for our MSDS via 24h - Emergency Phone: +62 811 640 5000 (advisory service in German, English, or Bahasa language

Content of packaging

  • 100ml/3.5oz SIFX Sealant

Packaging Information 

Includes plastic sealed wrap

1 pcs Weight 135 gram / 0.5 lbs  single size L4cm x W4cm x H19cm / L2.4inch x W2.4inch x H11.5inch

154 pcs in carton W52cm x H18cm x D42cm / W22inch x H15inch x D18inch  37kg  81.5 lbs

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