X-Protint Automatic Dispencer

The X-PROTINT ® has been developed with the Asian market in mind; ready to accompany you to the level of growth you aspire. Expect high speed, Fast & Fluid reliability, clever operator and serviceability solutions with future-proof technology like AutoDrive™; ready for the future with VOC-free colorants.

As one of two machines from our X-SERIES, the X-PROTINT is powered by simplicity through its modular design; it has just four motors and one board, and the click-on-click-off canisters enable easy self-maintenance.


  • 16 canisters (12*2.3 l + 4*4.6 l)

  • Piston pump technology

  • Flow rate 0.5 l/min

  • Bi-directional turntable

  • Airtight nozzle closure & tubeless design

  • No calibration needed

  • Elegant & robust

  • Front refilling

  • Easy can shelf

  • Universal and water based colorants

  • Solvent based

  • HWD 123x82x87cm


Teko EXCELR8 X-Protint SR SK is based on the FFM X- Protint Solvent Resistant Dispenser and the FFM SK 300 Shaker. It includes all mandatory accessories: computer, 2kVA AVR, label printer, dispenser software, Teko Service App for remote assistance, installation, one preventive maintenance after 12 months, one preventive maintenance after 24 months - For perfect asset management. Warranty Extension to 36 months on the whole set (computer limited warranty: 12 months)