Demo Kit Permanent Coating System

Regarding our coating and ceramic paint we are focused on maximum durability (hardness), reflectance (cooler), gloss and color (retention) and hydrophobic properties (self cleaning, water and dirt repellency)

Please compare our product with other products, using these factors, the best visual quality, the years of protection, easy application and the best price.

Package Contents:

250 ml / 8.5 oz   SI11 H9 2K Transparent

250 ml / 8.5 oz   SI13 H9 2K Coolest White

250 ml / 8.5 oz   SI11 H9 2K Coolest White

    1     Surface Concrete     5x100 (SI13)

    1     Surface Concrete     5x100 (SI11)

    1     Surface Aluminium   5x100 (SI11)

    1     Surface Wood          5x100 (SI11)


In case of surface problems and corrosive environments use a zinc rich primer first.

The primer should  pass the ASTM D3359 adhesion test.5.


Packaging Information

Includes plastic sealed wrap

1 pcs Weight 2.000 gram / 2.75 lbs single carton size L26cm x W31cm x H8cm / L10.2inch x W12.2.1inch x H3.1inch

30 pcs in carton W55cm x H37cm x D45cm / W22inch x H15inch x D18inch