Paint 2L/67oz 4kg/8.8lbs (1K) Coolest White

SI15 is a revolutionary ultra-durable ceramic paint that offers superior hardness and self-cleaning properties and permanently protects underlying surfaces for 20 years+ (outdoor).

SI15 is an incredibly tough, 2-component surface coating which forms a durable matrix of molecular bonds (transformation into ceramic) resulting in permanent protection.

The coating can be applied directly and without primer to concrete, steel, wood, acrylic, plaster, painted or unpainted surfaces, indoors or outdoors.

Reachable area

  • Concr. 2L / 4kg = 14m² (200 micron)

  • Steel   2L / 4kg = 22m² (150 mikron)

  • Concr. 67oz / 8.8 lbs = 140ft² (200 micron)

  • Steel   67oz / 8.8 lbs = 220ft² (100 micron)


  • Three simple steps: Clean, Dry, and Apply.

  • Easily repels water, dirt, dust, and pollutants.

  • This coating has an outstanding hydrophobic effect.

  • Restores damaged finishes and reduces cleaning intervals.

  • Resistant to all kinds of chemicals and UV radiation.

  • Anti Termite
  • Superior anti-pollution and anti-corrosion properties.

  • This coating can withstand temperatures of 300°C

  • Suitable for making walls fire retardant.

Technical Specifications

  • Thickness: 0.15-0.20mm / 0.006-0.008” / 150-200 micron

  • Permanent Hydrophobic 

  • Zero Absorption / permeability

  • Hardness H6

  • Thermal Change -Thermal shock Compatible

  • UV- Atmospheric agents - Anti-Aging Proof

  • Temperature resistent 300°C / 600°F

  • Severe Chemical Attack resistant Liquids Group1 EN13529

  • Impact resistance 1kg from 62,5cm Height / 2.2lbs from 25inch

  • Adhesion strength by pull-off: 2.4-2.6 N/mm2

  • Durability : Permanent lasts for 20 years+ (Outdoor)

Application information / How to use

Ambient temperature: 5-30°C / 41-86°F, avoid direct sunlight and/or high humidity.


Wear a full-face chemical respirator mask, safety suit and latex or nitrile gloves

Application Video


Application information

The SI15 coating can be applied directly or indirectly on all surfaces (porous and non-porous) such as concrete, steel, wood, acrylic, gypsum, painted or unpainted surfaces, indoors, or outdoors. The surface underneath will be superbly protected against erosion and corrosion and will stay cleaner longer. Cleaning becomes quicker, easier, and less expensive, as special cleaning agents are unnecessary.

Corrosive Conditions or if problems can be expected with the substrate.

In case of corrosive conditions (Marine/Steel/Aluminium) or if can expect other problems with the substrate a zinc rich primer should be used prior to the application. A surface primer should pass the ASTM D3359 adhesion test.5. 


Make sure the surface is free from any contamination and dirt. A zinc rich primer can be used in case of problems with the substrate.

Warning the surface must be completely dry before application and must stay dry for 6 hours after application after application!

Carefully pour the mixed contents into a professional paint sprayer, and spray in thin layers until the surface reaches a thickness of 150-200 μm after drying. Depending on the surface, material and structure, different application techniques can be used (such as paint rollers or brushes). Let the surface dry for 24 hours. It is touch-dry in 1 hours, after 4 hours, 85% cured, and the remaining 15% (transformation into ceramics) is fully cured after 7 days. Be aware that the mixed contents cannot be stored longer than 3 hours. The surface can simply be maintained with a high pressure washer at 80 bar using our biologically degradable Reactivating Shampoo.

Tool cleaning

The individual components, as well as the mixing system of the paint sprayer, can be diluted and cleaned using our Steril Cleaner.

Storage and handling

Store in dark and dry conditions at room temperature.

Ask for our MSDS via 24h - Emergency Phone: +62 811 640 5000 (advisory service in German, English, or Bahasa language)

Packaging Information

Includes plastic sealed wrap

1 pcs Weight 4.3kg / 9.4 lbs single size L17cm x W10,4cm x H13cm / L7inch x W4inch x H5inch

4 pcs in carton W18cm x H14cm x D44cm / W7inch x H6inch x D18inch  17kg /38 lbs