H9 SIO7 Glossy Tile & Chrome 50ml/1.7oz

SIO7 H9 coating is a thick and hard hydrophobic layer it creates by applying one single layer a superb protection on all kind of material surfaces.

Technical Specifications

  • Reachable area: ( 50ml/1.7oz = 25m2)

  • Thickness: 6 micron 

  • Hydrophobic

  • Hardness H9

  • Durability : Near Permanent

  • Temperature resistance: 850C


  • Increased surface hardness

  • Makes the surface hard and smooth, permanently protected

  • Creates an easy-to-clean surface

  • Repels water and dirt.

  • Scratch resistant, optimal protection from the clear layer underneath

  • UV Protection 

  • Cost reduction, cleaning intervals will be extended


  • A fully cured SIO7 layer can only be removed by machine polishing from the surface, using wool pad and heavy compound.

  • Prior to the application of a SIO7 Ceramic layer it is crucial that the surface is in a new or like-new condition.

  • We recommend to clean the surface prior to the application with our sterile cleaner

Easy to Apply

Application; 1. Clean the surface 2. Make it sterile 3. Apply via the pad  4. Wait 30-60 second till it flash. 5. Buff-it-off (remove the residue very gentle) 

Storage and handling

Store in dark and dry conditions at room temperature.

Use gloves and mask.

Ask for our MSDS via 24h - Emergency Phone: +62 811 640 5000 (advisory service in German, English, or Bahasa language)

Content of packaging

  • 1 Pcs 50ml-1.7oz SIO7 Coating (Suitable for matte stone and tile)

  • 1 Micro towel 40x40cm 15"x15"

  • 6 Cotton pad

  • 1 Dripper plug

  • 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves

Packaging Information

Includes plastic sealed wrap

1 pcs Weight 180 gram/ 0.4 lbs single carton size L9.5cm x W6cm x H11cm / L3.7inch x W2.4inch x H4.3inch

82 pcs in carton W52cm x H25cm x D44cm / W22inch x H15inch x D18inch Weight 14,8 kg 32,6 lbs



Technical Data Sheet


Download (234.26k)

Technical Data Sheet


Download (230.62k)